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 Wonderful Mansion 大赛----游戏报名(中英文对照)

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Stabbeurfou site is proud to invite you to pre register (by email or on site) for its next tournament, starting in September 2008, and which hopes to achieve the same quality standards as the DNWC.
www.stabbeurfou.org/index.php 网站荣幸的邀请您 预先注册 (通过电子邮件或者在线) 继外交世界杯之后的下一个比赛. 比赛将于2008年9月正式开始, 并且希望该比赛达到与外交世界杯同样的水平.
The tournament is named "Wonderful Mansion", as it is a social experience on the internet for which the Diplomacy games will serve as an excuse. It is intended to help mixing the broadest possible set of different technological cultures and language cultures (at least English, French, Chinese, Russian).
比赛的名字叫 Wonderful Mansion, 这将会是一次以外交游戏为契机的网上社交体验.比赛目的在于促进世界各地不同语言科技文化的融合交流.(至少包括英语,法语,汉语,俄语)

Tournament will have four (or, quite unlikely three) consecutive rounds, all played between September and June.
比赛将分为4个连续的轮次, 时间从2008年9月到2009年6月.
(Overview) Round one will have at least 42 boards; round two will have at least 28 boards, round three will have exactly 7 boards and round four will have exactly one board. If round one has less than 42 teams then round one and two will merge.
(总览)第一轮将至少有42局 ;第二轮至少28局 ;第三轮7局 ;第四轮1局.如果第一轮不够42局, 那么第一轮和第二轮将会合并为一轮.
(1 to 2) The 2/3 (rounded upwards) best individual players from round one will advance to round two (but this may not lead to more than 49 boards for round 2, so extra players will not advance.
(2 to 3) The 49 best players from round two will advance to round three (round three = semi final).
(3 to 4) The 7 winners of the 7 boards of round three will advance to round four (round four = final).
(4 to title) The winner of the final wins the title.
(冠军诞生) 第四轮(1局)的胜者将获得冠军.
Only result in current round determines advancement or game victory (except advancement towards semi final that takes sum of second round result and half of first round result).
晋级半决赛----第二轮晋级第三轮将由 第一轮成绩的一半加上第二轮成绩 决定.
但是半决赛(第三轮)晋级决赛(第四轮)时将只会考虑半决赛(第三轮)的成绩. 不考虑第一,二轮成绩.

Games will be played in two modes : automatic and manual, at player's discretion. Some games will be automatic, some games will be manual. Players will be requested to tell tournament organizer in which mode they wish to play (if they mind) at registration.

First round games will be set to gather separately technology confident players in automatic games, and technophobic players in manual games.
Other rounds as well, unless other matching considerations make it impossible.
=> It will never be imposed to any player to play in automatic mode.
第一轮的游戏将会把对游戏规则和游戏界面没有问题的选手分到自动进行模式, 把在技术上有疑问的玩家划分到人工模式游戏.
其它阶段的比赛同样如此, 除非有其他更重要的考虑.

* Automatic mode
This is the standard mode for all games played on the stabbeurfou site (DNWC).
Players have an account that they must have created themselves (quick operation).
Orders are on site checked (there can not be misorders), and password is required to enter the orders.
Human game master simply clicks to adjudicate.
Players have access to all usual site facilities.

* Manual mode
真人GM模式 (类似于我们在论坛里玩的那种)
This is a special mode for players not confident in technology (specificaly designed for this very event.)
Registration (and account creation) is handled directly by human tournament director (email).
Players automatically receive an email with a link to a page they must use to drop orders (link will be changed after every adjudication for security reasons.)
Orders are on site but not checked, and no password is required.
命令在网站上提交但是不会被检查, 也不需要密码.
Human game master will correct any non ambiguous mistakes (according to a certain defined set of rules) in the orders and click to adjudicate with orders as dropped by players.
真人GM会把玩家提交的命令中的错误格式等一一改正. 并且按照玩家提交的命令得出游戏结果. (跟我们现在在网站上玩的差不多)
Players have access to limited site facilities.

* Common to both mode
All game maps and all tournament rating will be available to anyone (on the stabbeurfou site). Dynamic information is also available about games on site, typically the reason why the deadline has just been postponed.
玩家可以在网站上看到所有游戏的进程包括游戏地图和玩家排名. 游戏相关信息也会提供到网站上, 比如这局游戏为什么最后期限被推迟了等等...
* Test games
There will be several dummy games running a couple of months before the event so that people uneasy with technology may have a go and try the interface (especially the simplified interface "manual mode"). These games will be gunboat and potential players may only play a few seasons to have an opinion if they can handle it and either confirm or cancel their registration.
网站上将会开几局测试游戏(大概两个月左右时间), 用于一部分玩家熟悉比赛操作界面(包括收发信件,提交命令等)
The scoring system will award 63 points for a solo, and none for the others.
Other configuration will offer 32 points bonus for a first place, 16 points for a second, 8 points for a third an so on (as well as as many points as centers owned). These bonusses are sharable.
根据比赛积分系统, 达到18点获胜的玩家得到63分, 其他玩家0分. 如果第一名没有达到18个点, 那么第一名32分,第二名16分,第三名8分....等等(再加上自己资源点的得分). 如果出现并列排名的情况, 这些分数会被相应的平均分配.
Players are supposed to register within a team (7 players) but players that are not in any team may be put in any team by tournament organizer.
玩家要加入一支队伍(7个玩家). 没有加入任何队伍的玩家可能会被比赛组织者分配到任何人数暂时不够的队伍.
During the games, team captain will be allowed to change players at any time from within the team, and to have any player at one moment involved in up to three games (but not at start nor at the end where there must be 7 actual players). Players of leading teams will get small scoring bonuses.
在游戏进行过程中, 每个队伍的队长可以随时替换改变自己的队员. 队长可以让某个玩家同时为最多三名队员(包括他自己的)的游戏提交命令(但是,不能在游戏刚刚开始或者结束的时候, 在游戏开始和结束的时候每个队伍必须有正好7名队员).
Team considerations will not apply any more after first round (since not all teams then will have the seven required players).
第一轮过后, 游戏将不再考虑队伍的影响(没有队伍额外加分,因为经过第一轮的比赛, 每个队伍都可能会淘汰掉一些队员)

* Game style
This is standard negotiations play (this is no gunboat). Negotiations use the site (automatic games) or use private emails (manual games).
游戏是标准的有外交的游戏. (不是无外交的GUNBOAT). 玩家之间的交流通过站内界面或者电子邮件来完成.
* Complaints
Complaints about private messages content will never be accepted, no matter what the content is.
Complaints about public messages content may only be addressed by removing the offending message from the site (when applicable).
关于私人信件内容的抱怨将不会被考虑, 无论信件的内容是什么.
对公众信件内容的抱怨, 最多将会做出在合适的时候将相关信件删除的解决方法.
* Secrecy of identites
(a) Identity of players (only for first round) will not be available to players, but providing this information (true or false) will never be illegal. This will serve the purpose of protecting famous players from being attacked only for considerations of reputation.
在且仅在第一轮游戏里, 玩家的身份不会被其他玩家知道, 但是不反对玩家主动告诉别人自己的真实或者虚假身份. 这是为了保护著名玩家在游戏中仅仅因为他们的名声被其他玩家联合攻击的现象出现.
(b) So finding out who plays what and where will be part of this new experience. Pretending to be any other player as well.
因此, 玩家可以假装别的玩家, 也可以试图了解其他玩家是谁. 这将是一种新的游戏体验.
(c) Overall list of all players involved somewhere in the tournament will still be available, without any clue on who players where.
所有玩家的游戏信息可以在网站上看到, 但是不会暴露玩家具体的国家.
(d) Therefore players for manual mode are strongly encouraged (but not compelled) to provide at registration a specific email address in order to avoid forsaking anonymity (since negotiations is performed with emails in manual games).
因此, 强烈建议参加真人GM模式的玩家(但是不强求)提供一个特定的电子邮件地址来防止暴露自己.(因为真人GM模式的游戏里, 玩家之间的交流是通过电子邮件进行的)

* Game duration
All games will end before adjustements for year 1911 (or even before if a vote to stop is agreed - the game then stops as is.)
所有游戏都会进行到1911年结束. (或者提前Draw)
* awards
Players will be requested to suggest name (and description) of awards to tournament organizer with orders for Fall 1901. Then a list of these awards will be selected by tournament organizer team and made public. All players will be asked to vote for attribution of these awards to other players in their games with orders for Spring of last year played.

* rewards (TO BE CONFIRMED)
奖品 (待定)
The seven players qualified for the final will be rewarded a game from Hasbro company.

Press is information made public by players on the site on a special page (one per game).
On this tournament, all press is anonymous, except press from Game Masters.
此次游戏里, 论坛里发的消息都将是匿名的,GM除外.
Players from automatic mode may issue press using their account (they will be required not to press on game they do not play on).
Players from manual mode (not using any account) may do so for they game they play in (asking the Game master to relay message on site).
选择真人GM模式的玩家如果想在游戏论坛里发消息, 需要通过GM来实现.
Cross gaming is not forbidden, but every effort will be made to discourage it (but it will never be sanctionned).

A specific mailing list will be set as a very convenient way to provide last minute information to all players (only tournament officials will be allowed to post).
将创建一个专门的Mailing List(电邮群), 玩家加入后可以第一时间获得最新的游戏信息. 只有游戏官方组织者能发主题.)
A specific FAQ for the tournament is available on the www.stabbeurfou.org site and will be enriched util the actual beginning of the event.
www.stabbeurfou.org网站有一个专门的游戏答疑板块, 并不断更新.
This tournamement is the best opportunity you will get to bring together players from all backgrounds, traditional mail, traditional email, electronic judge and web adjudication worlds.

=> If you wish to register, please either :
如果你想参加这个比赛, 请 :
(aa) send an email to jeremie.lefrancois@gmail.com (with First Name, Last name, email address, sex, year of birth (if male) and possibly team name.
Jeremie.lefrancois@gmail.com 发一封邮件(英语或法语). 信中写上自己的姓名, 电子邮件地址, 性别, 出生年月(男性) 和 自己队伍的名称.
(bb) register on the www.stabbeurfou.org site and affiliate yourself to the "Wonderful Mansion" tournament.
或者直接登陆www.stabbeurfou.org 网站, 注册一个帐号然后加入Wonderful Mansion 大赛.
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